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When asked what makes these textiles so special, Kelly says,

“our reclaimed tarp is cleaned, treated and over-dyed, then hand patched to form an amazing reclaimed textural wonder. each yard shows the years of wear needed to get to this beautiful state. expect some small imperfections in each piece, or it would just be more big box landfill.”

1159 'Tarp - Brown'

SKU: TARP-1159
$34.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • minimum of 10 yards per textile pattern is required

    discount applied to orders placed before 11:59 pm CST, September 2nd

  • By purchasing these items you agree to our All Sales are Final policy for all clearance items. A credit card refund will NOT be given. Should you need to return any product, an open credit may be placed on your account at our discretion. Returns for damages will be accepted on a case by case basis.

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