Adhesive Wall Coverings
- Sold by rolls of 23” wide x 132” (11 ft) long each
- Recommended wall prep paint is, matte - no sheen or gloss
- Not recommended for use in full bath, or spaces with high steam/humidity
- Able to remove and re-position during the install process
- Prior to application, a damp, lint-free rag should be used to clean the wall of oils, dirt, etc.       We do not recommend using a cleaning product, as this may interfere with the adhesion       of the paper.  Wall needs to completely dry before application
- For longer rolls (over 132”) we can re-engineer the pattern or image to custom lengths
- Rolls are 24" wide and will trim to 23" wide
- Textile pattern’s widths are rescaled to fit two rolls wide (46”)
- This material is a woven material and shrinkage up to 1/4" is possible depending on the climate and humidity
- Wall Murals created from our Image Library are custom made to your size specifications         each roll will trim to 23" wide and length will depend on your final wall height

design legacy collection: $125 per roll (4+ rolls $95 ea.)

denise mcgaha or michelle nussbaumer collection: $135 per roll (4+ rolls $105 ea.)

mural (choose from image library or kelly o'neal artwork): $12 per square ft

THOUSANDS of choices
Small Judd (Goldenrod) - # 4954SM
Mandarin Brights - #1590
Summerlove (Multi) - #3767
Wall Mural - #2086
Hendrix (Indigo) - #4255
Rainbow Coalition (Multi) - #1799
Canton Garden (Petal) - #5191
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